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Glossary of Terms
For a more comprehensive explanation of the federal disclosure scheme, please refer to the relevant Financial Disclosure Guides.
Agent: A person appointed by a candidate or a Senate group to assume funding and disclosure responsibilities.

Where no appointment is made by close of nominations candidates are deemed to be their own agent or, for Senate groups, the candidate whose name appears first on the ballot paper is deemed to be group agent.

A party agent is not agent for the party's candidates, and a Senate group agent is not agent for the group’s candidates unless they are separately appointed as such.

Anonymous Donation: Gifts, either cash or in kind, where the name or the address of the donor is not known to the person receiving the gift at the time the gift is made.

It is unlawful for a candidate to receive anonymous donations from the same source totalling $200 or more and for a Senate group to receive anonymous donations from the same source totalling $1000 or more.

Broadcaster: The ABC, SBS or a holder of a licence under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (other than a rebroadcasting or retransmission licence) including community broadcasters.
Donation: A gift or disposition of property, money, or a service for which no payment, or an inadequate payment is received.
Electoral Advertisement: An advertisement intended or likely to affect voting in an election, including campaign advertisements by parties and candidates and advertisements by other persons or organisations (including government agencies) on election issues.
Electoral Expenditure: Expenditure during the period from the issue of the writ to the close of polling on:
  • Broadcasting electoral advertisements (including production costs);
  • Publishing electoral advertisements (including production costs);
  • Displaying electoral advertisements at a place of entertainment, such as a cinema (including production costs);
  • Production of campaign material requiring authorisation (eg how-to-vote cards, posters and pamphlets);
  • Direct mailing (including printing and postage); and
  • Opinion polling and electoral research.
Endorsed Candidate: A candidate endorsed by a registered political party.
Endorsed Senate Group: A Senate group endorsed by one registered political party.

Gifts-in-kind: Goods, services or assets for which no payment (in cash or kind) or payment less than the true value is made should be disclosed at their commercial or sale value.
Independent Candidate or Senate Group: A candidate or Senate group that was not endorsed by a registered political party.
Issue of writs: The formal document triggering the election process. For the 2001 election, the writs were issued on 8 October 2001 and for the 2004 election they were issued on 31 August 2004.
Joint Senate Group: A Senate group endorsed by more than one registered political party.
Polling day: The polling day, or election day for the 2001 election was 10 November 2001 and for the 2004 election was 9 October 2004.
Publisher: The publisher of a newspaper, magazine or periodical, whether for sale or for distribution without charge.
Third Party: A term to describe a person or organisation other than a registered political party, candidate, Senate group, associated entity, broadcaster or publisher who is under an obligation to furnish a disclosure return.

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