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New and Amended Election Returns

Following is a list of new or amended returns submitted after 19 Dec 2016.

Candidates marked with an asterisk (*) lodged a NIL return.
Found 17 updated returns Page size
06 Dec 2017ALI, MohammadOriginal Return Candidate
06 Jul 2017WATERS, Ronald Lewis *Original Return Candidate
04 Apr 2017Unendorsed - PAULL, StueyOriginal Return Senate Group
04 Apr 2017PAULL, Stuart GeoffreyOriginal Return Candidate
21 Mar 2017ROYLANCE, Simon PeterOriginal Return Candidate
08 Mar 2017ROBINSON, Ramon TraversOriginal Return Candidate
07 Mar 2017MOODY, Tammara AnneOriginal Return Candidate
03 Mar 2017MARRIAGE, Belinda AnnOriginal Return Candidate
17 Feb 2017Golden Lineage P/LOriginal Return Donor to Candidate Election Return
02 Feb 2017HIGGINS, Lawrence JosephOriginal Return Candidate
19 Jan 2017GROSMAIRE, Daniel ChristianOriginal Return Candidate
19 Jan 2017VIRGO, Geoffrey Roland *Original Return Candidate
19 Jan 2017ROGERS, Peter Leonard *Original Return Candidate
09 Jan 2017BAKER, Paul *Original Return Candidate
09 Jan 2017RAJ, MaheshkumarOriginal Return Candidate
30 Dec 2016DAWES, Robert Graham *Original Return Candidate
22 Dec 2016GOODEN, Timothy Francis *Original Return Candidate

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